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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the yearbook have specific requirements for senior portraits?

Yes, every senior is sent a "spec" form with the summer packet which explains size, resolution, pose and background requirements. This form also explains how senior portraits should be submitted. Please forward a copy of this form to your photographer.


Q. What are important due dates concerning the yearbook?

Senior portraits are due October 26, senior parent ads are due November 11, and yearbook purchases will end April 1. Yearbook orders with personalizations are due January 15th.


Q. What are my options for buying a yearbook?

Download an order form (see link above), and submit it along with payment to either the school's main office or the yearbook room (A230). Another option is to order a yearbook online. Simply click on the "Order Your Yearbook" link to access the Josten's website. You can then pay via credit card.


Q. How should I or my photographer send my child's senior portrait to the yearbook?

The best method is to save it onto a CD, then deliver it to the school's main office, or to the yearbook room, A230.


Q. I'm not sure which photography studio to have my child's senior portraits taken. Do you have any suggestions?

Access the senior portraits page to see a complete list of area photography studios who are on our recommended list.


Q. How can I find out if I purchased a yearbook?

We maintain a list of all students who purchased yearbooks and update it frequently. Access this list by clicking here.


Q. I can't afford senior portraits at the moment, but I want my child's photo in the yearbook. Is there anything that can be done?

Yes, please contact yearbook advisor Michael Comos at mecomos@clarkston.k12.mi.us for further information.


Q. What's the best way to submit my senior parent ads?

We'd prefer that parents submit all ad material, the ad contract and payment in one envelope. Ad material, such as digital or scanned photographs (we only accept digital), Microsoft Word files and clip art should be burned to a CD-Rom or memory stick and submitted with the ad.


Q. I have some photos I took during the school year which I think could be used in the yearbook.  Can I submit them and how?

Yes, we do accept photos from students and parents. On the homepage of our website, you can access the "upload photos" link, then follow the directions.  It's as simple as uploading photos to Facebook or Snapfish.